Quakers in Criminal Justice


Quakers in Criminal Justice holds a residential weekend conference every year, usually in February.

The venues are chosen for their peaceful and spiritual atmosphere, which helps people to relax and communicate at a deep level. Typical venues include: Glenthorne Quaker Study Centre in the Lake District, Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in Birmingham, and the Ammerdown Centre in Somerset.

Overviews of past and upcoming conferences are available below:

  1. 2020
  2. 2019: The Decriminalisation of the Personal Use of Drugs
  3. 2018: Mental Health and the Criminal Justice System
  4. 2017: Restorative Justice & Restorative Practices
  5. 2016: Poverty and Power – Where is Our Responsibility?
  6. 2015: What is the Criminal Justice System for?
  7. 2014: The Changing Landscape of the Criminal Justice System
  8. 2013: Celebrating Success in the Criminal Justice System
  9. 2012: The Cradle and The Grave – Both ends of the Criminal Justice System
  10. 2011: Swimming against the Tide
  11. 2010: Whose Hands are at Work Within the Justice System?
  12. 2009: Making Connections
  13. 2008: From Faith Into Action
  14. 2007: Those harmed by crime...?