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A couple of months ago I put out a request for materials for the newsletter. Reminding members that this is your forum to share your ideas, experiences and opinions on the criminal justice system and the projects which work within it. The response was overwhelming, so much so that we can't even print all of the stuff we got back from you all, due to lack of space. Needless to say anything we couldn't fit into this edition will be saved for the Spring edition. So once again, thank you.

Other exciting news is that we have a new Editor coming on board from the Spring edition onwards, so keep your contributions coming to make his job as painless as possible as he finds his feet in the new role.

You'll also notice that as a trial we are printing the physical and digital versions in the same style and layout. Sadly colour is restricted to the digital version, but we hope you like the new look of the physical version and your feedback is welcomed.

There's a wide range of topics and issues covered. From the difficulties experienced when visiting a prisoner to questions about how seriously the QJ System takes the role of rehabilitation. We have as always articles from a mix of practitioners, past and present and those who have experienced the criminal justice system first hand. Hoping to see you all in February at our next annual conference, details of which are inside.

Jonathan Lamb

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