Quakers in Criminal Justice

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This issue of our Newsletter looks at Prisons Week. This is an annual event that marks the work carried out in our custodial establishments and looks at all aspects of the work in prison. The theme for this year was What Does Freedom Mean to You? & Are You Free?

Our Friends at Wells Quaker Meeting House (Norfolk) held their ecumenical act of worship on 13th October, and with the organiser's permission I am using some of their material to highlight this work here.

Cheekily I have also placed a book advertisement in this edition. Crime and Consequence looks at what should happen to people who commit criminal offences. It is a work that I have been involved in, and also contains writings by others with lived experience of prison.

As I am sure that we are all aware, prison work does not get a good press, and so we can help put that right in our own little way. The media shows us time and again that there is so much wrong with the prison estate, but can you remember when they told you about some good work that goes on behind those high walls and razor topped fences? I cannot. But, as someone with lived experience (as the professionals like to call it) of our prison system, I know that there is much to celebrate.

We also have important notices concerning our organisation. Take time to read what Rodney has written about the constitution, and of course, the leaflet on our annual subscriptions.

Mark Humphries

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