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Well it turned out that the Autumn edition of the newsletter was to be a “bumper” one with submissions so numerous that I had to add an extra 4 pages to the newsletter to accommodate them all, and even with that, some still couldn't be included! So I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to contribute to your newsletter.

Many of you have drafted up articles focusing on the impact which the current pandemic has had on our day to day work and lives. Highlighting the changes to prison visits and court room activities. I personally have found technology vital in allowing me “into” the prisons to do my work, and maybe chatting to me in my living room over zoom, with constant “pet disturbances” has been a bit less of a formal and stuffy experience for my clients than in the austere, magnolia boxes where I normally conduct interviews with prisoners.

We have plenty of suggestions for lockdown reading material and a wide range of informative and sometimes disturbing pieces on topics such as restorative justice, quaker involvement in the United Nations, domestic abuse, alternatives to violence. We received a very interesting article on “Using Automated Facial Recognition Technology” written by Mike Nellis which was just too long to include in the newsletters at just over 7500 words, but I felt it was important you got to read it, so I have attached it as a bonus to the digital mail out. It is also available to download here.

It's never too early to make a submission to our winter newsletter, but in the meantime enjoy the Autumn one.

Jonathan Lamb

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