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Welcome to the Spring 2020 edition. Many of us left the annual conference just a few weeks ago. Re-energised and filled with new enthusiasm for the work we do within this sector, only to be met by a changed world in the face of the pandemic we currently exist within. Almost every aspect of our lives have changed and not least the ways we have to work to continue to deliver support, rehabilitation and services with the criminal justice system.

I for one have been astonished by the speed with which ordinarily glacially slow systems have cut through red tape and typically security heavy protocols to make sure that prisoners, staff and volunteers stay safe and get the support and rehabilitation they need. Many of the articles in this edition make reference to new methods and challenges we face in a COVID-19 affected criminal justice environment.

It had been a worry for me that I would struggle to get articles during this time, and put out a plea a few weeks ago to the members. What can I say... you're AMAZING. In the next 14 days or so I received probably enough material for not one but two editions! Thank you, this newsletter is only possible with your help and is here to share your thoughts, experiences and knowledge.

If your submission is not included in this edition, rest assure that it will find its way into a future one. In the meantime why not visit our website conference page to see speaker's presentations and links to relevant organisations.

Jonathan Lamb

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