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Welcome to the winter 2020 edition of the Quakers in Criminal Justice Newsletter. Firstly let me apologise for you receiving this in 2021. There has been a lot of change for me lately, and I needed to step aside from some of my Quaker responsibilities for a couple of months. Thank you for the great response to requests for material for this edition and hopefully you will agree it was worth the little extra wait.

As you will be aware already through our mailing list. This year's conference will be virtual on the 27th of February and there is a fantastic programme arranged, so I look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. More details on page 2 of this Newsletter.

The implications of working in a COVID safe method, has continued to impact on many of our projects and on our engagement with those affected by the criminal justice system and this is reflected in many of the articles submitted. I for one have begun, over time to see signifiant benefits to the new normal, with the absence of a 3 hour return journey to the prison each time and a Prison Service which has strived to remove barriers to effective COVID working practices, but this has unfortunately not been everyone's experience.

You have once again given me more material than I had space for and so your article may be missing from this edition, in which case it will find itself in a future Newsletter. I hope you all will have a year ahead filled with peace and comfort. 2020 has certainly shown itself to be a challenging year for many.

Jonathan Lamb

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