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It is with great excitement that I can introduce you to a bumper Autumn edition of the Quakers in Criminal Justice Newsletter. I received so many submission for this edition, I had to add an extra 4 pages to our normal print run and even at that still didn't have space for an article which I'd been collating with Marian and Richard, so that will have to wait until the Winter edition.

Currently there is some uncertainty with regard to the ongoing involvement of BYM in the field of Criminal Justice and so this has influenced the focus of some of the material. We have articles both from Melanie Jameson and from Oliver Robertson at QPSW on the topic. There is a large section highlighting the work of Quaker Prison Chaplains, who are so central to the coal face of our Quaker presence in our prisons.

I have always seen the contributions from those who have been in custody previously, or who are currently in custody, as some of the most compelling submissions I have the privilege of receiving in this role as editor. This edition contains poetry and recollections, a powerful letter and other great contributions from our members who have experienced the criminal justice system first hand.

There are a number of reviews of TV shows, talks, conferences and theatrical performances all related to criminal justice matters and contributors have helpfully provided links to further information related to their contributions for you to read later at your leisure.

I am also pleased to include a great article on police interviewing and mental health from Mark Read who you will recognise as our former co-editor at QICJ. You read this on page 21.

There are even some brief updates on our ‘in person’... yes I know... it's an exciting prospect... up-coming 2022 conference at the beautiful venue of Ammerdown.

Thank you to all our fantastic contributors once again.

Jonathan Lamb

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