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Welcome to the Spring 2021 Newsletter, a chance to reflect on our experiences at the recent annual conference, which this year took a very different approach with the entire event taking place virtually. Judging by the 13 A4 pages of notes I frantically scribbled down while watching the various presentations, I can say it was of great interest to me and feedback I have received via email has been unwaveringly positive. I'm sure you will all join me in expressing a huge thanks to the committee for organising such a fantastic event in challenging times. It was great to see so many familiar faces again. I'm looking forward to seeing the same faces in person this time next year in Ammerdown.

For those not able to make it, or for those who there and wishing to reflect on the day, we have two reports on the conference. One covering the morning and one the afternoon. There is a new regular ‘Dear QICJ’ section in which members can post short format items to the newsletter. We received a great article from Richard, about ‘Blue Sky Thinking’ in HMP Ashfield, the powerful ‘Fallen on Strange Times’ poem we heard read out at conference, a call for volunteers in a circles project and not forgetting book reviews, membership update, the minutes from the AGM and a whole host of other brilliant stuff.

The message of hope is a powerful one and it was great to be reminded of this at the conference. Tim Newell focuses on the subject on page 20 and it makes for great reading. I took the liberty of adding a Quaker Quizzer on page 3. Something to pass a little time during lockdown for us all. I might make it a regular thing if it is deemed suitable.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition. I have been very heartened by the brilliant support from members who make this newsletter what it is through their effort and contributions. Some of you may know that my biggest concern about taking on the role of editor fully was that I would have no material to fill the editions and would have to spend my days begging for contributions. Thank you for making my task so easy!

Jonathan Lamb

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