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Welcome to the Spring edition of our newsletter. It is great to see the enthusiasm which has risen out of the embers of the 2022 QICJ Conference at Ammerdown. It feels like we are part of a growing movement and the two conference reports which are included here, make me regret further that I was unable to attend this year. But it certainly sounds like it was both challenging and enriching.

This particular issue of the Quakers in Criminal Justice Newsletter is a little different, in that many of the articles were longer than our usual submissions. Because of this I had to edit a little to make them fit the 24 page space available, but I hope that you enjoy reading the submissions as much as I did.

A big thank you goes out once again to those who took time to draft something for inclusion. It seems that each issue expands upon the conversations we are currently having within the sector. This time we continue our consideration of the failings of Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) a subject which a writer in our last issue spoke so eloquently about from lived experience.

In a changing BYM environment there is further consideration of our future role as a Society within the Criminal Justice System in the very challenging “Nurturing Our Witness” article. While reading the “Elderly in Prison” piece I was reminded of the powerful performance by the Journeymen Theatre Company – “Back Door Parole” at a past QICJ conference, which shed light on the subject of an ageing prison population.

The final article “Racial Discrimination and Beyond” paints a damning statistical picture of the disparity in our society and the links to criminal behaviours and incarceration.

Once again I would invite you all to submit articles for the Summer edition. I've said it before but the production of this newsletter isn't possible without the generosity and efforts of our members and it is the richness of the experiences of our membership which makes being part of this community so rewarding.

Jonathan Lamb

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