Quakers in Criminal Justice

Quakers in Britain

Quakers in Criminal Justice (QICJ) is just one part of the wider involvement of Quakers in justice matters in the UK. There is a programme called Crime, Community and Justice (CCJ) within Britain Yearly Meeting's centrally managed work in Quaker Peace and Social Witness. CCJ links Quakers in Britain to other bodies, such as the Criminal Justice Alliance which has over 140 members, and the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies. It can also, when requested, support Friends' own local activity groups.

The CCJ programme represents British Quaker views to government and other policy makers in UK, linking with those who do this work in Scotland and Wales. It uses the Quakers in Britain website and social media to promote Transformative Justice and restorative justice amongst Friends and others and works in partnership with other Quaker bodies such as Quakers in Criminal Justice and Junior Yearly Meeting. CCJ also works alongside the QPSW Sanctuary Everywhere programme, both of which are programmes of the Social Justice Committee. This committee is unique in Quakers in Britain, having 5 “experts by lived experience” as members, who help it live and grow its commitments to inclusion and diversity. The name of the CCJ programme, reflects the recognition that their work is concerned with both the state criminal justice system and how to build community, and to support Friends' witness in relation to both.


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