Quakers in Criminal Justice

Quakers in Britain

Much information about the overall work of Quakers in Britain is on the Quaker website.

Quakers in Criminal Justice (QICJ) is just one part of the wider involvement of Quakers in justice matters in the UK. There is a central group which provides links between such involvement both within and outside Quakers: Crime, Community and Justice Group (CCJG) is part of Britain Yearly Meeting's centrally managed work in Quaker Peace and Social Witness. CCJG links Britain Yearly Meeting to other bodies such as the Restorative Justice Consortium and the ecumenical Churches' Criminal Justice Forum; supports Friends' own local activity groups; represents Quaker views to government and other policy makers; promotes restorative justice amongst Friends and others; and works in partnership with other Quaker groups such as Quaker Action on Alcohol and Drugs and Quakers in Criminal Justice. The name of the Group, changed in 2007, reflects the recognition that their work is concerned with both the state criminal justice system and how to build community, and to support Friends' witness in relation to both. CCJG seeks to encourage links between Quaker endeavours in the justice field through the CCJG Activity Group Network.